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The Brandportal


Allowing you to access all your marketing and communication collateral in one central location available anywhere and anytime to authorised users


Employees can easily design collateral that complements your brand identity, for example:
newsletters, advertising materials, brochures, invitations, business cards and promotional video footage

Workflow management

The workflow management tool allows you to easily create a workflow. You can assign user rights and roles so that approval can easily take place for publications or documents. This ensures for each publication a
watertight audit trail.

Corporate Identity

Brandifyer includes a Corporate Identity Corner that assures that house style and market identity can securely be stored and protected


Consistency and uniformity is automatically assured when using Brandifyer


The interface has been developed by listening to the voice and wishes of our customers. We are passionate about clear, simple and logical applications. With Brandifyer ease of use is central


Media items in imagebank


Brandifyer publications


Worldwide users




Brandifyer is the most user friendly Brandportal on the market. A tool where marketing and communications employees as well as brand managers can organise their mission critical business assets, such as text, images, video, as well as creating new concepts. All users can access the data applicable to them and also create their own content while keeping in line with ‘corporate identity’ guidelines.

Bandifyer is a Marketing Resource Management (MRM) software tool made up of different modules. So the most suitable Brandifyer module is available for every organisation. We are a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that, by using the latest web technologies and cloud solutions, offers a tailor made solution for every organisation.



24/7 Backups & SLA

We make back ups at different locations insuring 99.9% uptime

Responsive Design (Retina ready)

Brandifyer supports all popular browsers and mobile devices. Thanks to responsive design, every device has optimal visual clarity

Market Standards

Collateral can be stored as Adobe Indesign format. Brandifyer can be accessed with single signon

Corporate Identity Corner

Brandifyer uses a dedicated part of the application for texts and logos. From this location you can share your brand identity and philosophy with your employees and business partners

Cloud Solutions

We comply with the most recent security standards and work with the most technologically advanced CaaS (Content as a Service) solutions

ERP / CRM / Sharepoint Integration

Through the use of intelligent plug ins and API’s we can seamlessly integrate Brandifyer with different systems and platforms

Variant types

  • Light

  • Contact us

  • 1 user
  • 3 free templates
  • 250GB diskspace
  • Publishing on Demand
  • 24/7 service availability
  • Image upload
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  • Professional

  • Contact us

  • Brandifyer Light
  • 3 users / 1 superuser
  • 10 free templates
  • 500GB diskspace
  • Media Imagebank
  • Branded login page
  • Brandbook
  • Workflow module
  • More info
  • Premium

  • Contact us

  • Brandifyer Professional
  • 25 users / 2 superusers
  • 25 free templates
  • 1TB diskspace
  • Portal in corporate theme
  • Corporate Identity Corner
  • Customised workflow module
  • Barcode & QR code generator
  • Batch upload
  • Adobe InDesign Server integration
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  • Enterprise

  • Contact us

  • Brandifyer Premium
  • unlimited users
  • 50 free templates
  • Unlimited diskspace
  • Workflow Manager
  • Template Creator
  • E-commerce module
  • Video integration
  • Single Sign On
  • Adobe InDesign Server integration
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About Us


We strongly believe that we can assist organisations to strengthen their brand recognition. Brandifyer has been developed with the perspective that every employee in an organisation is an ambassador for the organisation. With that in mind, every employee should be in a position to communicate about your brand in a simple but consistent way. Not only to protect your branding policies, but also to strengthen and increase the Brand recognition.

Brandifyer is a label of Sabern. Sabern is a software house with 25 years of experience in developing software for the publishing and communication of complex content. This rich experience in the ‘publishing on demand’ space has resulted in a Brandportal that differentiates itself through it strong creativity possibilities. Besides the securing, updating and saving of static documents, the possibility to create new content is an unique addition.

Use Brandify as a verb.

Brandify your Brand!


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